Péter Vesmás leading architect

1953 – born in Szeged.

1978 – diploma at Technical University of Budapest, Faculty of Architecture. Consultant: Dr Jenő Szendrői, Department of Industrial Buildings.

1978 – started work at DÉLTERV (South-Hungarian Design Office), Szeged; first job was the design of the new headquarters of the office.

1982-84 – Master School, master: Antal Plesz.

1987-91 – co-teacher at Master School.

1987 – foundation of Tér és Forma

1994-97 – University of Art and Design, Budapest, theory of art and design. For ten years I am engeged in Danish design and production of furniture.

1998 – received Ybl Miklós prize

2013 – received National Cross Order of Merit