History of the Studio

The founders of Tér és Forma come from the same design office: the late DÉLTERV (South-Hungarian Design Office). We left the company between 1986-1990.

Tér és Forma, as cooperative was founded in 1987, in Budapest, with 22 founders from different parts of Hungary (Sopron, Győr, Dunaújváros, Szeged, Budapest). The president was György Benza, mayor of Sopron.

From Szeged there were six founders (László Csépe, Zoltán Fekete, István Kiss, Éva Kissné Gárgyán, György Sipos, Péter Vesmás). Later the company expanded by other members of DÉLTERV (Ildikó Zákányi, Imre Kardos, László Lakatos, László Libor, Nándor Mérfalvi, Adolf Weintrager).

In a few years Tér és Forma expanded to a country-scale company network. In 1990 it split up to several firms, all keeping the name of the mother company. These exist even today, in different industrial-service branches, in Sopron, Kaposvár, Szombathely, Szentgotthárd etc.

Tér és Forma - Szeged Kft. (Ltd.) was founded 17th May 1990 with the architects from Szeged and Kazimír Medveczky from Budapest.

Later the ownership and membership of the studio changed. In the present form we are working since 2000.

The name and logo of the studio comes from Tér és Forma architectural magazine, from between 1928 and 1948. According to our intentions, our basic professional directives and niveau are also worthy heirs of those of the journal.

The magazine was forum of the renweing endeavor of Hungarian architecture between the two world wars, and of architects of the Bauhaus spirit. Its copies are fascinating reads even today. Tér és Forma was published in a modern form, with unique design and typography. It published a big amount of photographies of good quality. Its published buildings are of advanced design, and now, even sixty-eighty years later, still keep their values.